Sigma fp: What's the Point of 12bit DNG RAW? One is True HDR Video

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Sigma fp: What's the Point of 12bit DNG RAW? One is True HDR Video

A "true" HDR video is a video with an extended color gamut and more color gradations - more colors - and greater dynamic range compared with standard definition (REC709, 8bit), which characterizes almost all monitors and TV's and video shot by most cameras. 12bit DNG RAW clips have the extended color gamut (REC202), and more color gradations (12bit), and the full dynamic range and resolution of the sensor (12.5 stops versus the standard of about 6).

And making an HDR video, in simple terms, just means using the original extended color gamut of the clips and at least 10bit and taking advantage of the increased dynamic range in rendering the video as HDR (there are categories in DaVinci Resolve). The only difficulty is you cannot see the video in HDR while editing (without special HDR viewing equipment), so you have to rely on scopes. I usually edit the video first in SDR, the make an HDR version by extending the dynamic range in the scopes and rendering appropriately.

In terms of viewing HDR:

a.  Most new cell phones will automatically show YouTube HDR videos in HDR.

b. Most new 4K TV's will also automatically play HDR YouTube videos in HDR.

But what if you cannot view the HDR video in HDR? Well, YouTube converts the HDR video for viewing in SDR. And it still looks pretty good. You see that converted version if you cannot see HDR.

If you just click on these HDR videos here, you will see them in SDR for sure. If instead  you see them in the YouTube app or at the YouTube web site (by clicking in the frame on the video title), you will see them in HDR, if you have an HDR viewing device (eg, cell phone). The difference is like night and day, almost literally - as the highlights will beam. It is not like comparing 4K to HD, which is actually subtle if the HD is good.  It is really different. And HDR is well-accepted in professional circles (unlike 60 fps!) Most new Netflix series and movies are HDR, as is much Amazon PrimeVideo material.

So, here are two true Sigma fp HDR videos, made from 12bit DNG RAW sources:

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