No More 5D Series?

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Re: No More 5D Series?

They're probably just going to change the naming scheme.  There will definitely be a non mirrorless camera released at some point within the next few years. OVF's aren't a relic, they're a feature. Mirrorless will never be able to overthrow it, because mirrorless can never offer as much fidelity nor be as lag free as seeing the real world through the lens itself.

When you really think about it, mirrored camera's actually cost less than putting tiny high resolution displays into a camera, not to mention they use power. With an OVF and manual focusing, you can be using no power at all until the moment you take a picture. I've done that in a pinch when batteries were low.

And camera's will always need to be a certain size just to be usable in the hand.  Right now they're already getting too small for most peoples comfort.

OVF's will always be a thing. Even if they're now seemingly being dwarfed by mirrorless.  It's more of a thing companies are doing, just because they don't want to be put behind other companies. It's in some ways a fad.  It may be here to stay, but soon they will need to also focus back on OVF.

Canon may not be making EF lenses anymore, but there's a ton of them out there, and will be a ton of them out there for decades to come. That's something Canon won't be able to ignore.

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