What Photoshop fill for 18% grey card?

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NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

I measured the #23 patch (supposed to be the 18% gray)

It's close to 9% gray. You can use Y100 to read percents.

As pixelgenius notes in https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/64158780 - 18% gray is close to L 50% in Lab.

that patch #23 is 18% gray!!!

I cannot find anywhere that X-rite states it is.

They do show this:



That page says that "the 4th patch from the white one in the bottom row of the ColorChecker classic is 18% gray." Mostly today in the U.S., we don't use inclusive reckoning, and so we think that that must refer to patch 23. But using inclusive reckoning, the white patch is the first, so the fourth patch starting with white is patch 22, which is fairly close to 18% gray. I don't know what X-Rite intended / was trying to say. It's awkward / ambiguous phraseology regardless. X-Rite should say something like, 'With the neutrals as the bottom row, the fourth patch is close to 18% gray.'

Xrite should have given the patch number to make it simple.

Now for some further confusion.  The new Passport 2 large 18% gray panel matches the patch 21, patch next to the white patch.

Bob P.

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