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Re: So it is possible...

David Hull wrote:

Danny vange wrote:

  • User6100568601 wrote:

clearly not the same league, just old tech recycling

Old tech? Did you ever compare the dynamic range of Canon and Nikon cameras?

Z5 is competitor for RP... not for R5 and R6. The coming Z6s and Z7s will be.

I am not sure which Nikon to include in such a comparison but here is the D800 vs the 1DXIII which I suspect is a fair comparison of both companies recent sensor performance. You also have the Studio Image Comparator as well.

From a price perspective, the Z5 should be compared to the RP. Over in the Nikon forums they rumors it has the old sensor from the D750. As far as low ISO DR goes, I much prefer that one over the RP's:

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