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Vunite wrote:

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Nope. Canon user here; started the thread. Canon user for 26 years who is just a little concerned now that R5 price fell well into medium format territory

It's about 10% more than the release price of the 5D Mk IV.

A Pentax 645Z was released around 8500$. Fujis GFX 50S released for 6500$ I think. And a Hasselblad X1D II was 6000$ish I think? Those are the cheapest I can find I think, it very quickly ramps up into 10'000$ area.

Currently the Fuji GFX 50R sells at 3410,- EUR here. Sure not latest model but just to show the order of magnitude prices have reached.

The EOS R5 is 4385,- EUR (USD 5,017.03) where I live.

Sure, but to be fair, that is the lowest end of medium formats compared to a high end of full format atm. The average medium format price across various models is much higher. It's the absolut basic medium format with not very exciting ergonomics, a slow autofocus, crappy video (if that's of any interest to people buying a medium format, though), no IBIS. Great image quality, though.

All understood, and true. Medium format territory, nonetheless

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