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Vunite wrote:

Thomas Richter wrote:

Nope. Canon user here; started the thread. Canon user for 26 years who is just a little concerned now that R5 price fell well into medium format territory

It's about 10% more than the release price of the 5D Mk IV.

A Pentax 645Z was released around 8500$. Fujis GFX 50S released for 6500$ I think. And a Hasselblad X1D II was 6000$ish I think? Those are the cheapest I can find I think, it very quickly ramps up into 10'000$ area.

Currently the Fuji GFX 50R sells for 3410 EUR here. Sure not latest model but just to show the order of magnitude prices have reached.

The EOS R5 is 4385 EUR ($5017), body only, where I live.

Ok, I don't need the R5 but for an amateur startup kit I would always include a decent standard zoom. So the R6+24-105L is currently 3795 EUR ($4341). Even if I wait 2 years and expect the usual 20% price drop, that puts it at well above 3000 EUR (almost $3500).

Hope the price pressure from Nikon will make that drop more than 20% ...

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