July 2020 Part 2 — This Month Through Your Adapted Lens

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Re: Night Substitute

Alan WF wrote:

Too cloudy for comet again.

Yup. Professional astronomers do detailed studies of weather and other factors and have concluded that they should not install observatories where you live or where I live.


Did better than I was expecting wide-open, after some of the softness I saw in testing.

I'm seeing a lot of astigmatism and coma around the bright stars.

Oh, yeah. I honestly hadn't planned on using that lens at all; I brought my Tamron 500mm mirror and a MD 70-210 (proto-beercan) as the lenses I was going to use for comet close-ups.

But when the comet turned out blocked, I was still intrigued by the cloud filaments visible in the ambient light, so I thought I'd try and salvage something by getting some wide-area pics. And the Nikkor was the fastest wide lens I had with me. (I also tried the Zuiko 24, but by the time I was done with the Nikkor, the clouds had already taken over.)

E-M1 II, OM Zuiko 24/2.8

Like I said, the Nikkor did better than I expected; after the earlier test, I was expecting mostly smears, but there's quite a few sharp points in there.

You might try stopping down and stacking.

Definitely something to consider for next time! Will have to look into the tools. The E-M1 is capable of some high-speed 30+ FPS captures, which is promising for stacking. In your experience, is it usually better to use lower ISO for fewer but cleaner captures, or higher ISO for more-but-dirty frames?

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