Photographing Neowise with 600mm lens

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Hey Jesse,

Do you have shorter focal length lenses? Something in a 70-200mm f/2.8 or f/4 zoom or a fast prime lens will deliver better results. If not, don't let that stop you from giving it a go. The 150-600mm wide open at 150mm can make a good image.

Try 2-4 second exposures and don't hesitate to use high ISOs. Start at ISO 1600 and go as high as 12800. If your camera will be on a sturdy tripod, I suggest using the self-timer with a 5-second delay. Do you have access to a photo editing app that allows you to stack, align and blend multiple images? Shooting 6 to 9 frames with short intervals between exposures. Stacking and blending will reduce the visibility of noise...helpful if your best shots are at ISO 3200 or higher.

Good luck.

How to avoid star trails in your comet photos.


Don't even bother with's as old as film cams or 6Mp digital..

This is by far the best calculator...

The lonelyspeck calculator seems quite good. I just checked its recommendations with a number of Neowise test photos I took and it was spot on

It recommended about 4 seconds with an 85mm lens (on FF). The 500 rule gave 6 seconds--but the stars were distinctly not round (though fine without cropping).

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