Switching from iMac to MacBook Pro Help

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Re: Switching from iMac to MacBook Pro Help

paul wassermann wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

If the 2009 iMac that you mentioned in the original post is a 27" model, you could use it as a Mini DisplayPort display for the new machine.

Apple – Use your iMac as a display with target display mode

Thanks! I didn't know that was possible. My imac is 21 but if I can interface the laptop with it I might hold off on the 27 monitor for now.

Unfortunately, I believe that the only 21.5" iMacs that support Target Display Mode are ones introduced between 2011 and mid-2014.  The feature first appeared on 27" iMacs, and took a couple of years to make its way into the 21.5" line.

By then, the introduction of Thunderbolt probably forced Apple to choose between (1) adding a second port that had the same shape as the Thunderbolt port, but was a Mini DisplayPort only, or (2) making iMacs work only as Thunderbolt displays.

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