Canon’s new 600mm and 800mm lenses

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Re: DoF of Canon’s new 600mm and 800mm lenses

alanr0 wrote:

bclaff wrote:


Sorry - my transcription error.

Ufar = 4066.8, Unear = 4039.9, U_geometric_focus = 4053.3 mm.

Δu= +13.5 mm, -13.4 mm, Total DoF = 2 Δu = 26.9 mm

In any case, for f/11.32 in scenario 2 the Optical Bench gets ufar = 4056.9mm and uNear = 4029.4mm (and u at focus of 4031.1mm)
I have complete confidence in these ray traces.

27.5 mm total DoF - which is broadly consistent with my 26.9 mm (2.2% difference)

That's better agreement; good, but...


I still don't see a significant effect of pupil magnification. How are you estimating its impact?

... I know from the geometry and my formulation that there is an effect such as that 2.2% we see above.

I'm not surprised that at such small magnification it is not significant,

Thanks for working this through.

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