How do you cope with Reds in colour Anaglyphs, please?

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Re: More info on Stereomaker...

3D Gunner wrote:

tony brown wrote:

Great images both! How do you manage (or don't you?) to include DuBois matrices effect into Photoshop? Is there an action?

The ColorCode3D below is splendid!

Thank you!
There is no direct conversion for anaglyphs in Photoshop. I never experimented with "DuBois matrices effect", even in SPM. I will take a look at this.
For ColorCode glasses I developed a multi-stage complicated recipe, but I think SPM can do an enough good job.
I stopped my "research" about 8 years ago, so I need to study the latest news to take a conclusion.

Now, I'm oriented to VR devices, which are an more advanced solution for 3D.

You have moved my 'research' forward as far as I need to go for now. I see how I could alter particular colours to improve my Photoshop ColorCodes3Ds by altering particular colours a little in Hue/Saturation with homemade presets allied to the same thing in 'Selected Colors'.

SPM helps to show me the subtle differences made by DuBois filtering. I used the matrix numbers from his page-

In it he links to his settings for several anaglyphs in SPM, including Amber/Green, which can be fed into SPM at 'Stereo/ColorAnaglyph/Optimized Anaglyph'. The results can be compared in SPM instantly with 'color(yellow/blue)' conversion. That comparison, suble though it is, can then be the basis of any relevant Photoshop tweaking, IMO.

Basically, I find Red/Cyan anaglyphs completely satisfactory for my monochrome architectural photos and ColorCode3D best for colour.

Thanks to all for your contributions.

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Cheers, Tony.

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