Switching from iMac to MacBook Pro Help

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Re: Switching from iMac to MacBook Pro Help

paul wassermann wrote:

lightandaprayer wrote:

JPAlbert wrote:

OP asked:
"Do you think the entry level Macbook Pro 2020 would be powerful enough to do basic video editing and A9 RAW Files? Or should I opt for the faster processor more storage model?"

If you can afford it, I'd suggest the faster, 4-port MBP 13".

Just wondering, why a MacBook?
Did you consider the 2020 Mini...?

It's actually a 2018 Mac Mini. . . I just finished setting up a refurb from Apple.

I really also need the portability of a laptop...

I understand. . . I read your earlier post.  I was replying to JPAlbert regarding the actual year that the current Mac Mini was released. What with the new ARM models coming next quarter and all, labeling it 2020 Mac Mini might confuse someone down the line.

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