What Photoshop fill for 18% grey card?

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Re: Just Use RGB 117,117,117 in Adobe RGB (1998)

Darkmatterx76 wrote:

Even "decent" grey cards aren't that expensive these days. I don't know why anyone now a days (yes, I saw the date of the OP... lol) would try to print a grey card instead of just buying one.

Yeah. Further, there really isn't much use for gray cards outside of some specialized areas. Histograms are more useful than gray cards to check that you are capturing dynamic range and minimizing noise. Gray cards were important for film work back in the day.

On a completely separate note, why does colour for calibration and printing have to be so flippingcomplicated!?! lol

There certainly has been a trend towards increased complexity in everything. OTOH, good color management has always been complicated. As bad as it seems now it's a lot easier to get repeatable results than it was 20, let alone 40 or 60, years ago when it was more of a craft than a science though it always had a science basis. Ansel Adams was skilled in both and had a great artistic talent as well.


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