Photographing Neowise with 600mm lens

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I do not have a dark location, though I am at least on the far north side of Phoenix, looking north. It's bright enough that I typically cannot find Neowise without binoculars, and with an F8 lens it's so dark in the viewfinder that I've taken to taking shots of areas of the sky to find the comet.

I do indeed have a 70-200 F2.8, rarely used. I'll probably try that tonight, along with a 300F4. Clouds permitting as they seem to have moved in last night. In fact I took the RRS ACRA-Swiss foot off of my 70-200 to use on the 500pf.

As for stacking software, I'm all for it, as long as I can get it free (or nearly free). This is the only subject I would use it for. I am still using Lightroom CLassic 6.14, which I notice has no lens profile for my new 500PF either.

What is the feeling on this forum for a maximum shutter speed to use when shooting at 700mm? I can remember shooting a meteor shower years ago using a 10.5DX fisheye and getting away with 30-second shots. Looks more like 1/2 second is maybe not too slow, but looking closely at 1-second shots I'm still seeing motion.

I wouldn't shoot any slower than 1 sec...but you're already at f9.......raising the ISO is like trying to put out a fire with're at a dead end....

I shoot 20" at f4, with my tracker, only because of my light a dark site I'd shoot 60".....

I'd use the 70-200 wide open @ 150mm with 2" subs, ISO 1600. Download "Deep Sky Stacker" and load all of the individual shots into it.

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