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Samaistuin wrote:

JohnNewman wrote:

Sony may or may not hang in but I reckon MFT and APS-C will go the way of smaller film formats in the past.

As FF prices drop (and they will, just look at the RP) most of us serious amateurs will see no reason for anything else.

Generally agreed. My understanding is that APS-C was always conceived as a stop-gap until FF could become affordable enough that it would equip the majority of ILC cameras.

Zo there could remain the need for something in-between FF and small smartphone sensors. Either 1" or MFT could fill that gap ; or perhaps both but in different niches.

Yes, my own view is that it is likely that those who feel they want a bit more than a smartphone but don't want to go the ILC route could well gravitate to 1" sensor cams such as the RX10 and RX100 series offering, on one hand, all-in-one long zoom and, on the other, great pocketability - and didn't Nikon drop the ball with their cancelled DL series? But I still think that in (say) 5 years time just about all professionals will use FF (mainly Canonikon) as will most serious amateurs.

Interesting times in so many ways.

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