Help choosing between Panasonic G80/85 and G9 for a beginner to macro photography

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Help choosing between Panasonic G80/85 and G9 for a beginner to macro photography

Hi everyone,

I want to start getting (back) in to photography - it used to be a hobby of mine about 10 years ago when I was a teenager, so I know I enjoy it, but it's not something I have taken seriously much since. Macro photos were always the photos I enjoyed taking the most, so although the camera I buy will be used for more than that (it'll be my general, all-purpose camera), I suspect that 90% of my photos will be macro, particularly insect photography.

I believe the lens I am going to start with will be the very well reviewed Olympus 60 mm f2.8 macro lens, and so from that I have been researching all the possible compatible bodies that I can afford. I have narrowed it down to the Panasonic G80 and the G9, with the following pros to each (these are the ones that I think are relevant to me, but as I am a novice at photography it's hard to know all of what I will find useful!):


- High res mode (although it is very disappointing to me that it is not compatible with an external flash! Are there many workarounds for this when doing macro photography?)

- Marginally better IQ, though in comparison photos it is far from a dealbreaker for me

- Better weather sealing

- Better IBIS and AF

- Better burst

- Better battery life and USB charging - I envisage that the USB charging might be very useful if I'm taking a power bank out with me e.g. when camping

- Better EVF - I wear glasses so I'd be interested to know how important people would find this for macro photography

- Supposedly better ergonomics (I haven't held either camera before, I don't imagine the G9's extra weight will bother me but the grip does look very good)


- Has built-in flash

- Is £400 cheaper

Whilst the list of benefits for the G9 is extensive, and there are probably several more I don't even realise, the fact the G85 is less than half the price is definitely a big bonus to me. Whilst I can still afford the G9, together with the lens it would be a big chunk of my savings for something I am still only a passionate novice at. With that said, it's not like it will financially cripple me and I do see the benefit in getting a better quality product now so I won't feel the need to upgrade for a long time - I suppose it all depends on how many of the G9's extra features are useful for macro photography.

One thing I'd particularly like to know people's experiences about is whether the lack of built-in flash with the G9 is ever a problem. I plan on buying a flash, mostly like a Godox TT350o, with a diffuser to make the most of my macro photography, but as I'll also be taking this camera e.g. on holiday with me to take more general pictures, I wonder if the hassle of not having one built-in would be inconvenient or not.

Thanks for any advice! I've spent quite a while researching my options but really find myself at an impasse when it comes to deciding between these two models - any advice people can offer (especially but not only if you are in to macro photography) would be greatly appreciated.

Panasonic G85 Panasonic Lumix DC-G9
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