Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Re: Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

Jth1968 wrote:

VicFerrari wrote:

+1 to everything stated. This is why after six months of use I sold my X-Pro3. Just an overall frustrating experience. Plus changing settings in the menu was a pain. I previously owned both the X-Pro1 and X-Pro2. I tried to convince myself that I liked the X-Pro3 but it was just denial on my part. Too many compromises - unnecessarily. Purchased the X-T4 and love, love, love it. Looking forward to the X-Pro4 - maybe.

I tried the X-Pro3 twice now (in the shop, and outside on their parking lot) with my 18/35/50mm combo. I mainly use the OVF, and only review images in batches (when there is a quiet moment), so I don't care about the missing LCD screen.

Well, now I understand that your comments are informed by practical experience (sarcasm).

But why oh why change the OVF! It was perfect on the X-Pro2!

Yes, the bright frame was dim as was the histogram, and not only was the OVF smaller, but with lenses like the 23 and 27, the magnification was lower, making it more difficult to view the scene.

I know the viewfinder itself is bigger, so the area of the 35mm and 50mm is probably the same as on the X-Pro2. B

Not true.

it doesn't feel that way.

During a few minutes in a parking lot.

Let alone that, with the 18mm, you have to see those distracting yellow corners all the time now!

I never see them unless I look for them, and I'm generally not looking to be annoyed. They are discrete and way off in the corner.

On the one hand, Fujifilm made the rear screen less useful for those who used it (not a big thing for me).

It is now more useful than on the X-pro2. It's not there when I don't want it, but when I do, it's a thumb flick away. (I didn't have the option of making it disappear completely on the X-pro2.) I can now shoot low without getting to my knees, and I can shoot high by flipping the camera over. Sometimes I shoot by flipping it 180 degrees and shooting an entire series. Easy peasy.

d at the same time, they made the OVF less useful! What were they thinking? A hipster EVF camera, with an OVF as optional add-on?

Or a geriatric OVF camera with an amazingly improved EVF.  We could spin it all kinds of ways. I own both the X-pro2 and X-Pro3. Haven't shot with the Pro-2 in months, in a parking lot or anywhere else. And I love using both the OVF and EVF, and shooting with the LCD or hiding it. Sometimes I chimp a lot with either the EVF or LCD. Sometimes I don't.

The main thing I hate though about the X-Pro3 is how it forces me to shoot in a particular way taking away all my options (sarcasm again).

I really hope they do better for the OVF users in the X-Pro4.

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