Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Re: Nobody addressing the reality that...

deednets wrote:

TheSloth wrote:

immediately on the EVF or rear screen after snapping them..

A bold statement this "nobody has..."... Why this seems to be as if any meaningful chimping has to be done on a rear screen might make some sense to you,

I did mention both (EVF and rear screen) in my post... like you say, whatever floats your boat. The essential point I was trying to make, and to repeat; reviewing photographs can be a very useful feature, irrespective of the X-Pro3.

The other point: no need to be so derisive about "chimping" - currently that is manner in which most photographs are taken, when including mobile phones AND the innumerable digital cameras without a viewfinder.

And you may realize that "nobody has..." refers to this thread. Even if it referred to the "whole universe" there is nothing to it.

Again, Fujifilm fed us some marketing spiel, and we are taken-in by it. The marketing "wanks" (as AvE would say) at Fujifilm must be ROTFL, seeing discussions about it. How gullible we are. They must also be very happy.

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