Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Jon555 wrote:

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Jon555 wrote:

My mind was made up that the XPro3 wouldn't suit me, as I didn't needlessly want to be forced to always use it one way, which wouldn't always be the best choice. I was really looking forward to it up to that point...

I'm probably typing this because I'm being brutally coerced to do so by the jack-booted Nazi camera in my camera bag, but you should strongly reconsider your disruptive opposition. Fuji cameras have "vays" of making you cooperate... Seriously - pick one up, shoot it for a while, then see how silly this sounds.

Okay, we'll both go to an event where you need to hold the camera above your head to get past the crowd in front of you... or simply want a different angle of shot from everyone else who is shooting at eye level. I've played this game in the past, you're never as good at blind-aiming as you think you are...

That's the sort of stuff that was annoying me...

Overhead is no major problem: Invert the camera and operate the shutter with the left thumb - Just like with a TLR.

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