Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Re: Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

hendriximages wrote:

Jth1968 wrote:

I really hope they do better for the OVF users in the X-Pro4.

As I said I use the OVF like 20% of the time - it is an important feature for street photography, so I have the same sentiment: Fuji propagates the X-Pro line as a streetphotographer's camera, then they go and compromise the one core feature for that application to reduce cost (standardised OVF X100V/X-Pro3) ...

I use the OVF at least half of the time, and it is much more useful (for me) than just for the street. With the OVF, both my eyes see approximately the same. With the EVF, I am looking at a screen with one eye, and at the real scene with my other eye. Besides, interaction with the subject is much more natural (for me at least) with an optical viewfinder.

If I want to judge exposure beyond the histogram, I can flick between the OVF and EVF quickly enough, but at events and on the street, I am more concerned about catching the moment than exactly nailing the exposure. So the histogram is good enough for that (yes, I know the caveats).

With the premium price of the X-Pro3, I feel that a dual magnification viewfinder (a unique feature!!) isn't too much to ask for. I would gladly trade the titanium shell for that.

Edit: but I am not an X-Pro3 user, so best to ignore my opinion in your decision making

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