Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Nobody addressing the reality that...

Nobody is addressing the reality that reviewing photos immediately on the EVF or rear screen after snapping them is actually very useful. This one feature has improved my photography and technique. By mocking this activity and calling it "chimping" is almost like behaving in a racist manner.

Irrespective of the design choices by Fujifilm on the X-Pro3 (and our efforts to justify the decision) - and I own a X-Pro3 (before somebody calls me a troll) - this is still an important feature in contemporary digital cameras. It is precisely controversial in the X-Pro3 because of this, and many are uncomfortable with it.

Fact is, the ability to review photos instantly is a great feature, just like auto-focus, or auto ISO, or auto white balance, or panorama photos, or anything that modern digital cameras offer, other than the three (ok, maybe six) basic controls, carried over from the film era.

If Leica had done this nobody would bat an eyelid.

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