What is the oldest lens you own?

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Re: Post WWII - the birth of “modern lenses”?

E Dinkla wrote:

ProfHankD wrote:

US camera stuff tends to be from Rochester, NY... although there were a few other hot spots too. Most lenses seemed to be done with a lot of German collaborators. However, the US never really had a dominant role in smaller cameras and lenses -- unless you count the Kodak Brownie, Instamatic, etc., which weren't seen as serious cameras. They continued to do well in large format stuff at least through the 1970s. I think Argus was probably the biggest US brand in compact cameras....

Just after WWI Japan's Nippon Kogaku hired eight German optical engineers to improve its knowledge of optical instrument production. I guess similar German knowledge also went to Russia after WWI and it sure did after WWII to the USSR but less voluntary. The UK had its Dallmeyer etc.

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John Henry Dallmeyer, née Hans Heinrich Dallmeyer from Westphalia in Germany...

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