Canon’s new 600mm and 800mm lenses

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Re: Canon’s new 600mm and 800mm lenses

alanr0 wrote:

Old Greenlander wrote:

Chris in UK

tell me how you get a shallow DOF with those lenses...

How shallow do you want?

At 10 m distance, assuming 0.03 mm Circle of Confusion, DOFmaster tells us that depth of field extends from 9.95 m to 10.05 m for the 800 mm lens at f/11.

For a portrait, it will be tricky to get nose and ears in focus at the same time, if the subject is facing you.

The reason might be that one of the ears may not be even in the frame... At 10m, this would be an extremely tight portrait that you cannot even use for a passport photo in the US.

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