Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Re: Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Dear X-Pro3 users!

Shortly after the X-Pro3 was launched I had a chance to use one for a few days. My initial opinion was quite critical, see here ...

Since then I've been reading reviews & following posts of some experienced users here (thanks Deed! which might lead me to reconsider!

That's why I'd appreciate some feedback from X-Pro3 users regarding your experiences (Pro's & Con's, did it change how you do your photography?) with following aspects of the X-Pro3 (I initially was critical about):

  1. The "hidden" / fold down LCD screen, compared to what's on the X-T3 / X-H1 / X100V
  2. The "crippled" OVF - only one magnification & not compatible with 18mm or shorter

To be honest on my X-Pro2 & X100V I use the EVF 90% of the time, so maybe the X-Pro3's single magnification OVF is not a big issue & compensated by the its better EVF (compared to my X-Pro2) ... and I've meanwhile learnt with my X100V that the X-Pro3's missing D-Pad (vs. my X-H1 and X-Pro2) is not really an issue for me anymore

But I'm very curious how y'all fare with the "hidden" LCD: has it really "purified" your photography (as Fuji maintains), or is it a hassle when you do want to quickly review your images when using the camera on eye-level (no issue when using the camera to take waist-level photos). For me reviewing the image in the EVF is not an option as then the image review is on all the time & disrupts my workflow (i.e. I can't use it selectively). And finally, do you miss the flexibility of the 4 additional touch gesture function allocations when the screen is closed?

So I'm kinda on the fence to get an X-Pro3 after all (may trade in my GFX50R / GF50mm ...?)

FYI the main lenses I use on X-Pro type camera are 18/2, 23/2, 35/2 and 50/2, predominantly for street scenes & portraits

Many thanks in advance for your sharing your experiences & advice!

Cheers & stay safe


I waited for the XPro3, but then got a camera where they thought it was only acceptable to shoot it in one way, and worked against users working with any other option, so I don't have one... I hate that... let photographers choose how they want to shoot, don't tell them only one way is okay...

It was photographers, who were asked what they wanted and how it should be implemented. If I had been on that board, I would have at first scratched my head regarding the D-Pad and the screen. But in contrast to you, I would have not dismissed the design so easily. My reasoning would have been that if professional photographers were involved, it can't be all nonsense. So instead of a quick dismissal, I think I would have said:

Show me!

And since all cameras are approximations to the camera that does it all, the X-Pro3 is at least an interesting (as in: good interesting) offer in market where a lot of the offerings look the same - but different. The X-Pro3 is a good if not great attempt in the art of simplification.

And on top of the - 6EV AF, it looks like a work of art, maybe a strong contender for the MOMA. I have to admit I am a sucker regarding design. If it is controversial, but works well, I am all for it.


I'm not trying to start an argument, different people like different things, but I feel if you limit the number of ways people can do things with a product, where there was no plus side (other than being able to say "we think you should have to take photographs this way" I think it's a bad idea. You can allow people a choice and still say "we think it's best when you set it up this way...".

But you are arguing. In contrast to you, who seems to see this conspiracy of dictatorship I see just another way of doing things.

The thing I object to is intentionally limiting it when there was no need to. I love different design ideas generally.

Why does every camera under the sun be a clone of all the others? Your argument suggests that there is only one valid way of taking photos where the natural choice SHOULD be to click, check,click again. Anything else is wrong. Limiting.

I only check a very limited number of shots after I've just taken them BTW... I set EVF/LCD review to "off" on all my cameras.

There is also dictatorship in hiding where all everyone under the sun should wear Levi's. Or Wrangler. Like Henry Ford's famous quote: as long as it's black.


Used to own one of these BTW, (back when that was a competitive sensor), look familiar...

So you love different designs, but not the X-Pro3. It seems your mind was made up a long time ago and it was a mistake to try to engage you in a debate as you already had the answer.

My mind was made up that the XPro3 wouldn't suit me, as I didn't needlessly want to be forced to always use it one way, which wouldn't always be the best choice. I was really looking forward to it up to that point...

The good news you had the XT3 or XT4 - choices. You did not have to buy a XPro3 now did you. Use what you want and be happy. if something doesn't float your boat move on. Not every one wants to drive a pickup truck but some would not drive anything else. So if you don't want to drive a pick up truck - then don't. But why if that were the case would you go public and think anyone cared why you didn't?

Choices are good.

I genuinely try to stay out of X-Pro3 debates these days, but then this old fallacy about “choices” always comes up and drags me back in.

For me and a few other X-Pro users this was never about chimping, not that there is anything inherently wrong with chimping, and not that the X-Pro3 actually prevents you from chimping in the EVF anyway. I don’t chimp, but what I have always done with the X-Pro is shoot from the rear screen, at arms length sometimes, as well as through the viewfinder. I love the OVF, I value the option of the EVF, but I also switch naturally and constantly between those and the rear screen, using the eye sensor. That’s my shooting style and I’m happy with it, it works for me. Fuji created these choices with the X-Pro1 - a truly innovative camera that could be used in wholly new ways.

The X-Pro2 perfected that model, making it work and perform much better. Again it presented a completely unique choice, a way of working that no other camera could offer. Other cameras had screens, many had EVFs, none combined those with an OVF as well.

Here’s the thing though - both the X-Pro1 and 2 allowed true choice in the sense that if you only wanted to shoot from the OVF, or only the EVF, or only the screen, you could do so - the camera would never get in your way. Since 2012 you’ve been able to shoot an X-Pro purely through the viewfinder with no other distractions. For 8 years, X-Pro owners have had the option to shut the screen off entirely and never use it again. You’ve even had the option to only show shooting information on the back of the camera. Every Fuji X camera has had these options in fact. None of these shooting options are new to the X-Pro3.

The only thing new to the X-Pro3, is its restriction, and the way in which it no longer allows the same freedom to jump freely between different shooting modes. As Fuji explained at length in their own marketing, the design is intended to “encourage” shooting in one particular way and restrict the photographers other choices. Dress it up any way you want, but that is the stated intention and it’s quite apparent in the design. The X-Pro3 simply cannot be used in the same way I use my X-Pro2.

In that sense the X-Pro3 is no different to the other “choices” you suggest like the X-T3 or X-T4 - none of these cameras can replace my X-Pro2, none offer the same versatility or shooting experience. For me there simply is no new X-Pro, and the choice I want has been taken away from me, in return for precisely nothing that we didn’t already have the option to do anyway.

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