Who has had a HDD fail?

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Alex Ethridge wrote:

Several over the 26 years I've owned a computer, partly because I have since my second year, always run multiple disks in each computer for each member of the family and one in my shop. I currently have three hard disks in my office computer, one of which is an SSD, and three in my shop computer, also one of which is an SSD.

I have always maintained a near bullet-proof automated backup system that updates the OS partition monthly, keeps four previous copies and updates user data daily. When I was doing a lot of IT work, user data backup was updated hourly and synchronized to all computers on the network.

Once a year, all user data is backed up to two mechanical (magnetic) hard disks, one of which is kept on-site and the other at my son's office about twenty miles away.

I will never trust my data to strangers who store data on an on-line system no one even knows where on the planet it is and whose security is unknown and unverifiable.

My experience is similar.

I have had more computer hardware since about 1999. So, I had more HDD failures in the last 20 years. Statistically, I had less data loss per GB or TB in the last 10 years, but, it is because I have started to keep 3 to 5 copies of my data.

My backup schedule is less frequent than Alex, but I make more copies. For example, when I copy the pictures from a SD card, I make at least 3 copies immediately. One more copy (a fourth copy) will eventually go to another location.

All HDD (8 or 10?) failures I experienced were sudden. The HDD simply never woke up or powered up (even after changing the power supply and/or enclosure). Once, I had a disk which started making grating noise. it was a brand new 750GB. The OS crashed in a very spectacular way, with many errors on the console (Linux). Two (old) portable 40 GB Firewire HDD never started again after 1-2 years without use. They made screeching noise and never spinned up properly. OTOH the old 60 GB HDD from my 2003 Powerbook was still OK when I brought the PB to the recycling center in 2019. It's somewhat unpredictable

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