Is the supposed LX100ii dust problem a real problem?

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Re: Is the supposed LX100ii dust problem a real problem?

Bejersey wrote:

Panasonic didn't initially make any claims of enhanced sealing with the LX100 II.

However, following claims of improved sealing around the lens, we are told: "There is no additional urethane sealing used but we have a countermeasure to prevent the dust ingress with the LX100M2. There will no longer be a gap when the lens barrel is moving."

"We have a countermeasure to prevent the dust ingress with the LX100M2"

This is promising, since dust getting sucked-in by the lens mechanism became a widely-discussed concern with the original version.

Thanks again.

Sorry, and with all due respect, but you're just re-posting same info without any authenticity that the "source" of the lens improvement "claims" are from and/or verified by Panasonic.

As Ronald Reagan said: "Trust, but verify."

Like yourself I've read all the LX100/ LX100 II sensor dust topics on this forum.


Jon_T wrote:

Bejersey wrote:

I don't have the LX100 MKII now, but when I had it did find the quote from Panasonic on changes they made to reduce the chance of dust. It's out there ...

I asked because I've done a lot of Google searching and have not found anything from Panasonic; e.g., "Panasonic LX100 II Press Release" HERE.

As noted just would think given the large amount of negative LX100 MK1 dust issues postings, I would think Panasonic would note any lens dust intrusion improvements on the Panasonic's LX100 II Information/ Specifications.

I have the LX100 MK1, so far no sensor dust issues. Eventually will get the LX1000 II as I did with the LX100 MK1—after the price drops.


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