I give up, returning 100-400!

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Glad we agree on this.πŸ™‚

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Got a replacement, an open box but I was OK with that, and was wasn't looking forward to running the same old tests to see if it was OK.

But within an hour of opening the box and casually snapping a few handheld shots the difference was night and day. I wasn't even trying, i was literally lifting it to my eye and snapping, no bracing against walls or anything.

These are straight out of camera jpegs. 3 of these are 1/125 handheld, full zoom, wide open and considering the total lack of effort I made they have a sharpness I simply couldn't get with the previous lens. The picture of my cat at ISO 800 just blew me away - just look at his eye and nose at 100%

So thanks for all the input, I apprecate it all. I'm experienced and know what I'm doing but you buy an expensive lens so you start thinking it can't be the lens and start doubting yourself.

Though I think I knew the truth all along but just needed to prove it.

You can see a fence in it's eye.

Is this a citronbutterfly green of jelousy?

Seriously, i still find it mindblowing that quality control is that low on the agenda of manufactorers. In a ideal world the sellingpoint and or dealer should have a testing site so if you got some doubts you can let it tested in a test setup by a person who has seen dozens of that lens.

You will always more likely hear the bad reports, but less likely so the good......those people just get on and use their gear as no need to post anything other than photos from them

And post how happy they are with there new lens. πŸ˜€

- so a few dodgy samples isn’t necessarily indicative of a major problem lens, some people just get unlucky.

I never said it was a problem lens as a model. Did i?πŸ€”

In my opinion you can’t label a lens to have bad quality control from a few online posts, all lenses will have the odd lemon produced.

So i don't label a lens to have bad quality control i find it odd that we have to be the tester to separate the lemons from the working. That's a or the problem in my eye's.

Maybe we have to have a usbstick included with the test(images) result of the lens in the box.

So we can see it past the benchmark before shipped.

And if we doubt our lens we can let a shop/dealer test the lens with the calibrated test area to see if where right or not.

Not everyone is capable enough to thorrough test a lens properly so maybe a lot more lenses are used and be a half lemon but they think it's the quality it provides not 75% of it's designed quality.

I don't mind dropouts by being a lemon, i mind WE have to discover that! Some lenses cost you a full monthly paycheck or more. It's not a peace of fruit which molded too early in your fruitbasket.

So some active prevention or retesting would be nice to have without random swapping units till you happy because you accidently knows how to prove it's a bad sample and they probably sell it again to an other hopefull thinking that fellow doesn't findout it's punching under the waist.

Sorry for the rant but i am sick of "well there alway's be lemons so we can't help it." Speech. You can't avoid lemons rolling from the assemblyline but you can avoiding selling them!

Peace no hardfeelings.πŸ™‚

I agree, for the price, lemons should not be leaving the factory!

I hope, and would assume, there is a high level of quality control for them to be able to use the Leica name - so it makes me wonder if some of the lemons are caused by mishandling in transit - I baby my lenses as much as I can, but between the factory and shop, and then shop to end user, if mailed, we don’t know what knocks they may get that could put a few out of kilter?

If they are leaving the factory that way then no excuses really I think, but my main point is that the few reports online of lemons does not necessarily mean it is a bad lens (for anyone else reading this, not you specifically!), I totally agree we shouldn’t be testers for lenses, but to be honest I really don’t know what the proportion of good to bad lenses that is out there, and would hope the proportion of good far out weighs the bad - for anyone considering the lens I believe it isn’t the lottery some would make you believe, but certainly it would seem we need to check we are happy within return timescales - if returned faulty then it should go back to the manufacturer, but I fear you may be right that the odd unscrupulous dealer may try and resell them, but again I would hope not.

No hard feelings, and indeed peace - I just get a bit miffed at people dismissing a really good lens on the basis of a few highlighted negative reports.

Yes your right, never just avoid a product just because of some bad experiences posted which are easy to find on the wide web. Try to find as much as reviews you can read/watch from respected reviewers and enthousiastic people to predict if it could be a product you like. And with lenses it's also easy because of the testing results which you can compare with your owned lenses testresults.

As you said shipment after checking in the factory is a gamble. So dealers can be a having a sellingpoint from webstores by testing the lens on the spot or having a testing room if you ask to test it. A certificate of working well so to speak.

Edit, of all my lenses i bought, only one i returned, the lumix 45-200mmii.

It got a lot of bad wind but hence it's cheap. So i tried it for couple of weeks and it wasn't what i wanted, not that it was a lemon or such , it didn't pleased me.

So i bought the lumix 100-300mmii and was happy.

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