maybe the best thing about Canon R5/R6

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Re: maybe the best thing about Canon R5/R6

henrikbengtsson wrote:

Maxxum Fan wrote:

shootrawww wrote:

is the comeback of the older Canon color science I've come to love (5d ii, 5d iii, 6d, ...)

(besides all the other cool new features of course)

Taken from a video I found on youtube previewing the R cameras.

Color science doesn't exist it's how the WB is

I wish DPR wouldn't have talked about this, it's pure myth and very misleading

Yes there are differences in settings even kelvins, results from cameras are almost identical when processed

Except that there really is a difference.

Not really I've shot 40 bodies since 2005 and I can say that the biggest difference is the WB, even identical settings are not always the same, but the differences are tiny. Color science is a myth DPR invented it just doesn't exist in reality

The 2 shots lighting is different, a quick WB tweak and it looks the same

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