Should I look at a 2.8 70-200, 300 2.8, or 100-400mm for under the lights soccer?

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Re: Should I look at a 2.8 70-200, 300 2.8, or 100-400mm for under the lights soccer?

I cover a lot of girls HS sports and I cover them differently than boys sports. After doing this for many years, I can tell you what pictures the girls like, value – and buy. This is not sexism. It’s the experience of a father of two girls who have competed in state championships, one in tennis and one and soccer. I have covered them since they were in grade school. I also cover professional men’s sports – so I’ve covered the full spectrum.

On your crop sensor camera, you’ll be at 306MM on the far end of a 70-200MM. That’s enough. You always want more in soccer. I shoot with a 600MM f4 and still want more. But if you are patient and position well, 306MM is enough. And frankly you are talking a huge price difference between those lenses. With the 300MM 2.8 you'd be paying $4,000 for an extra ~100MM for high school sports. Just move more!

The girls may like action pictures – but they love the pictures showing celebration, team spirit and companionship. Having that flexibility of a fast zoom will enable you to get the latter type of images more easily. Spend a lot of time around the bench and with the team at half time and after games. You may like taking action pictures better than other forms of coverage: I know I do. But know what appeals to the team/client that you are supporting. With boys teams I’m 80% action – with girls closer to 50%-60 action.

Just listen carefully to the feedback you get and adjust accordingly.

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