How do you cope with Reds in colour Anaglyphs, please?

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Re: More info on Stereomaker...

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tony brown wrote:

I got some glasses OK but could not open ''. Got a '404 Not Found' reply. I found Stereomaker v2.5.1 to download but it was from August 2000 so perhaps they are no more? The download turned out to be an .hqx file which IIRC is for Mac OS, not Windows (mine).

I find that viewing ColorCode 3D stills is best in a darkened room and the colour is quite acceptable in the Red and human skin range.

Thanks for all your advice.

Sorry, I should have given you the link. The current app update was June, 2020 and they have a pro version now.

Here's the online help, which you will need:

Please note that this will install as a desktop app only, so you have to unzip it and drag it to your desktop. The first time you run it, it will poke your registry etc., and Windows 10 will probably refuse to run it. Click on the more info if that warning comes up and click on Run Anyway. Windows will run it as a compatibility app from your desktop. Believe me, it is perfectly okay with no harm done. I am running the 64bit version under Windows 10 and it works flawlessly. I have also run the other versions and they run fine as well. Most people will probably not figure out how to run it as they are used to going through an install for all their apps. This app does not need to be uninstalled if you don't want to use it.  You just run it, then click on Help. Click on Clear Registry, then simply delete the app from you desktop.

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