Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Re: Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

hendriximages wrote:

BryceM wrote:

My photographic impurity stubbornly persists despite Fuji's best efforts, but I appreciate them trying Only thing I'd change about the flip-down experience is I'd have it turn off the eye-sensor when open - That'd make it easier to shoot from the hip when I'm wearing black because it'd prevent them from mistakenly thinking it's up to my eye. AF-wise, it's a little better than the X-T2 it replaced - especially in the dark - but, at the end of the day, it does little that other Fuji cameras don't do nearly as well or even better (X-T4 has IBIS and costs less). Their priorities in the hybrid viewfinder suited mine just fine: Better 23 & 35mm experience, better EVF for everything else. I love my Durasmudge Silver finish, even if I am slightly embarrassed to admit I was silly enough to pay an extra $200 for such a frivolous option. It gives me joy, and I find it strangely poetic that my DNA has indelibly fused with this inanimate object. There are better cameras out there perhaps, but this one suits me perfectly.

well said & with passion! I had to smile when I read this, coz I'm inclined to follow the same decadent indulgence toward the dura silver finish. can't stop looking at images of the damn thing on the internet - there's this guy who ain't making all our lives easier by showing sorely beautiful images of it, see here !

Get the Dura Silver.  While some complain about "smudges" I compare it to aging of fine material.  I got the Dura Silver - a 200 buck premium.  I'd do it again.  On my Pro2 with a great paint job - it had scratches on the top plate.  Not one the Durasmudge Silver.  Dura Tech finish is much more scratch resistant that paint.  That is one reason I got it.  The second reason it is soooo cool.

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