maybe the best thing about Canon R5/R6

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Back to the basics...

5DIII, EOS R, 90D, R6 (1DX III standing in for the R6)

90D, R6 (again, 1DX III), 80D and 5DIV

I noted, with the M6 Mark II, the colors are "better" than the cold 80D/5DIV days which have plagued us since everything after the 70D till now.

The one compliant I had about the M6 Mark II, the AWB some times could be flaky. Easily fixed though as I shot RAW+JPEG with a "hard" WB set like Daylight, Tungsten, etc, depending what you were shooting.

I have not to date, seen a single AWB skew from the R6 or 1DX III, which I did from the get-go with the 90D/M6 Mark II so I gather Canon's fixed that, as I suspected they would by now as it was a new sensor then which I gather the 1DX III and R5 are based on (circa 2019 sensor design).

I even went back and grabbed DPR's 1DX III RAWs the other night and looked at their WB settings; they did in fact dictate the lighting type directly, which is one way to avoid the trouble (obviously they were expecting it), but I found AWB or AWB-W to be more accurate on the DIGICX equipped 1DX III samples then their "hard" WB settings so in fact, them trying to outsmart the camera, actually hurt their own output, ironically... That's how smart the DIGICX is now. Go figure. Our cameras are outsmarting us, suppose that's a good problem to have.

All to say, Canon's gone back to the basics, I've noticed in all the footage from both the R5 and R6, they appear to share the same CFA or color response regardless of how and seems to be a slight tweak from the 90D/M6 Mark II response, which was a return to the classic, except slightly more true to life, which is a good thing.

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