Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Re: Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all? trading in GFX50R

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But I'm very curious how y'all fare with the "hidden" LCD: has it really "purified" your photography (as Fuji maintains), or is it a hassle when you do want to quickly review your images when using the camera on eye-level (no issue when using the camera to take waist-level photos). For me reviewing the image in the EVF is not an option as then the image review is on all the time & disrupts my workflow (i.e. I can't use it selectively). And finally, do you miss the flexibility of the 4 additional touch gesture function allocations when the screen is closed?

Even if one ignores the subjective nature and experience of the hidden LCD, the fact remains: manipulating the software/ UI and changing settings is a damned nuisance due to the lack of extra, customizable buttons and a UI that depends so much on the screen being visible/ accessible.

Other than that, I can say that after around 12,000 photographs with the X-Pro3, I'm slowly getting the hang of it. The thing is to ignore all settings that require the use of the screen, and use only the physical buttons. I end-up constantly reviewing images in the EVF.

The way the flip mechanism is implemented is not good at all, doesn't feel robust.

My photographs have definitely improved.

This is a fascinating response. I’ve heard few photographers criticize the XP3 AND extol it’s ability to make one a better photographer. Nicely said.

I have to agree that the UI isn’t perfect, but for me, coming from FF Sony, the menus are an improvement. I find the handling of the XP3 outstanding, and like the OP, I use the EVF more often, especially because the Eye AF doesn’t work with the OVF. When I do use the OVF, I don’t find myself limited by it at all.

A question to the OP: if you have the 50R, what is drawing you more towards the XP3?

hi Mikey! The main reason I left full frame for Fuji was the smaller footprint of their (APS-C) system. Then I was thinking I need higher resolution & got myself a GFX50R with a couple lenses. I tell you the image quality is something special, BUT I found out it is not that much better than what I get from my APS-C camera's with primes, and more importantly it's big and heavy again. Another down side is the narrower depth and needing faster shutter speeds on the GFX of field ... please see heremore details. So I guess it's the nearly as good as image quality in a significantly smaller & lighter body! ... and the X-Pro3 in dura silver is just, beautiful

Makes sense. I haven’t found a huge difference in IQ between FF and APS-C, so I’m encouraged by your saying you don’t see much between MF and APS-C. I have to agree about the Dura silver. I got the straight black because the Dura black didn’t look great to me, and I’ve never been partial to silver cams, but man, the Dura silver is sharp.

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