What Photoshop fill for 18% grey card?

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Re: What Photoshop fill for 18% grey card?

MU84 wrote:

RGB: 124,124,124


Actually no, not with many RGB Working Spaces. And that's the rub, it depends on the RGB Working Space. As seen correctly in that very old post, it's really better to use a Lab value which is device independent.

The 18% gray correspond to a L* of 49.5. So in Photoshop, paint a gray with a Lstar=49 or 50 (you cannot decimal places in PS) and assign the image to the Working Space of Adobe RGB (1998). It render a RGB value of 116/116/116 for Lstar=49 and 118/118/118 for Lstar=50. ProPhoto RGB however is 100/100/100 and 119/119/119 for sRGB. So YMMV for RGB values, depending on the Working Color Space.

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