Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Re: Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Dear X-Pro3 users!

Shortly after the X-Pro3 was launched I had a chance to use one for a few days. My initial opinion was quite critical, see here ...

Since then I've been reading reviews & following posts of some experienced users here (thanks Deed! which might lead me to reconsider!

That's why I'd appreciate some feedback from X-Pro3 users regarding your experiences (Pro's & Con's, did it change how you do your photography?) with following aspects of the X-Pro3 (I initially was critical about):

  1. The "hidden" / fold down LCD screen, compared to what's on the X-T3 / X-H1 / X100V
  2. The "crippled" OVF - only one magnification & not compatible with 18mm or shorter

To be honest on my X-Pro2 & X100V I use the EVF 90% of the time, so maybe the X-Pro3's single magnification OVF is not a big issue & compensated by the its better EVF (compared to my X-Pro2) ... and I've meanwhile learnt with my X100V that the X-Pro3's missing D-Pad (vs. my X-H1 and X-Pro2) is not really an issue for me anymore

But I'm very curious how y'all fare with the "hidden" LCD: has it really "purified" your photography (as Fuji maintains), or is it a hassle when you do want to quickly review your images when using the camera on eye-level (no issue when using the camera to take waist-level photos). For me reviewing the image in the EVF is not an option as then the image review is on all the time & disrupts my workflow (i.e. I can't use it selectively). And finally, do you miss the flexibility of the 4 additional touch gesture function allocations when the screen is closed?

So I'm kinda on the fence to get an X-Pro3 after all (may trade in my GFX50R / GF50mm ...?)

FYI the main lenses I use on X-Pro type camera are 18/2, 23/2, 35/2 and 50/2, predominantly for street scenes & portraits

Many thanks in advance for your sharing your experiences & advice!

Cheers & stay safe


I waited for the XPro3, but then got a camera where they thought it was only acceptable to shoot it in one way, and worked against users working with any other option, so I don't have one... I hate that... let photographers choose how they want to shoot, don't tell them only one way is okay...

It was photographers, who were asked what they wanted and how it should be implemented. If I had been on that board, I would have at first scratched my head regarding the D-Pad and the screen. But in contrast to you, I would have not dismissed the design so easily. My reasoning would have been that if professional photographers were involved, it can't be all nonsense. So instead of a quick dismissal, I think I would have said:

Show me!

And since all cameras are approximations to the camera that does it all, the X-Pro3 is at least an interesting (as in: good interesting) offer in market where a lot of the offerings look the same - but different. The X-Pro3 is a good if not great attempt in the art of simplification.

And on top of the - 6EV AF, it looks like a work of art, maybe a strong contender for the MOMA. I have to admit I am a sucker regarding design. If it is controversial, but works well, I am all for it.


Well said, Deed ... And it was youwho put that flea into my ear to reconsider getting an X-Pro3 I'm also a sucker for design, the dura silver one just looks amazing. Yeah a better looking camera won't get you better images, but you'll make 'em with more fun and that alone will up your photography ...

How's the eye tracking on the Pro3? On my X-Pro2 that one's a bit of a sleeping tablet ...

The eye tracking I feel just fine, experiment a little with the square size and you will find the soft spot regarding distance to your subject and eye size. One thing to ALWAYS remember is to change the default setting for shutter priority to focus priority, so the photo will only be taken when your square shows it's focused correctly.

Best viewed at 100%


Very nice image Deed! thanks for sharing, I like the composition with the angles of the arms & hands (arms & hands in portraits are a paining the butt to get right And the 56 is great for this kinda distance ... thanks for the tips!

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