How do you cope with Reds in colour Anaglyphs, please?

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Re: How do you cope with Reds in colour Anaglyphs, please?

You can use stereomaker from You can also tweak the color in left and/or right to get the best color from glasses. ColorCode is actually blue and amber(ochre), which they have tweaked slightly and patented for "full-color" 3D, though it is clearly not, but at least you will get the sense that it is. The glasses are very dark, and they use a lighter shade of blue/yellow on the image. Don't be fooled by their patent, it's still basically blue and yellow--the amber/ochre allows more colors through. They used it on photo displays, advertising, and TV shows, but never really caught on. From a distance, you will think you are seeing a normal color image, but when you put the glasses on you see it in 3D. They used to do this by adding a little blue and yellow that kind of disappears from about 5-10' back. The glasses are dark, though, and you need a bright light on the image. Same with the TV, you need a bright image. You can do the same by creating 3D blue/yellow stills--anaglyph jpgs, and save them to a memory stick and plug into your TV and show them that way. I have done that with red/blue. I have some yellow/blue glasses and will experiment with them this weekend and see if I can duplicate the "full color" image they talk about. It's just a matter of getting the color right.

Amazon had the color-code glasses:

You can see that the amber side is very dark.

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