Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Re: Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

Truman Prevatt wrote:

The XPro3 OVF works fine for 18 - the frame lines are the physical frame. There is virtually no parallax in the 18 for any reasonable focal distance - so no need for a "moving frame line."

The OVF in the Pro3 is bigger and brighter than the Pro2 so for 23 and 35 the frame defined by the frame lines are actually in absolute terms bigger (and brighter). For the 50 and 56 they are brighter than the Pro2 but about the same size and work just fine. Anything longer I'd just flip to the EVF which is better than the Pro2 by a wide margin.

I find the flip up display on the Pro3 a huge improvement. First it is protected. I don't abuse my cameras but knowing the big piece of glass is protected makes me feel better when I climb on my bicycle or horse with the camera of go scrambling down a hill.

The flip up display also eliminated the view mode merry go round when you actually want to use the display. My Pro3 is normally set to OVF. I use the lever if I want to switch to ERF or EVF. When I drop the display down it comes on if I want a "waist level" finder or want to use the menu. When I flip it up - it goes off and the camera is still set to what it was before I dropped it down - normally the OVF. I now never have to mess with the view mode button. A huge advance in the UI in my book.

I don't miss the D-pad. On my Pro3 it was too big for the limited amount of real estate on the back and too easy to accidentally activate. The "thumb grip" on the Pro3 is vastly improved on the Pro2. I no longer need an external thumb grip like I did on the Pro2.

I found the Pro3 a well though out camera - actually better than the Pro2. The only potential disadvantage is in lenses 16 and shorter. But in reality I don't care about that since I don't like the perspective distortion of these UWA lenses and don't have any. If I did - like the 90 the EVF on the Pro3 is much better than the Pro2.

If I didn't prefer the UI and handling of the Pro3 much advanced over the Pro2 I would not have dropped 2 bills to get mine. Does it make me a better photographer than with the Pro2, nope but I might say it allows me to concentrate more on the image and less on the camera which allows me to be a better photographer.

Well said!

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