Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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Re: Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

Maverick07 wrote:

Another spin on the customer. The masses are using cell phones today for pictures. The faithful shooters have been using the DSLR for years. There is a higher probability on the upgrade they will have a larger customer base for the DSLR purchase then someone looking to buy into the Mirrorless. I will not buy into the new platform. I would probably purchase a 5D5 based on a price right and new features to make it worth while.

believe me you are not the only one, Maverick, there are 100s of 1000s like you that are disillusioned with this new format. i can see that there were some technical impasses with dslr format but it wasn't some thing terminal, most could do without it. so you never know, canon may wake up to the fact to understand there is a wide base who desire upgrade to their reliable dslrs and would be very happy and positive if canon makes an effort to respond to their desire

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