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Re: Wait a moment, one caveit

Albert Valentino wrote:

Yar1971 wrote:

Albert Valentino wrote:

[...] Panny body with Oly lens is “lens only” stabilization.

It's definitely true with some Panasonic bodies that don't have in-camera stabilisation (IBIS). With non-stabilised Oly lenses (almost all) you have no stabilisation at all on these cameras (one needn't ask why).

But there are also Panasonic bodies with IBIS. I don't know any reason for their IBIS not to work with Oly lenses like any other lenses. But I didn't tried that personally (I'm Oly user), so I'm asking to make sure...



Panasonic IBIS works with Non-OIS Olympus lenses. But Panasonic IBIS does not switch on when using Olympus lenses that have their own OIS/stabilization. So if you mount a Oly 40-150 Pro on a Panasonic body, IBIS will work as expected. If you mount a Oly 12-100 lens, which has built-in lens OIS/stabilization, then you can only use the lens stabilization since the cameras IBIS then becomes deactivated. So at the moment this limitation only occurs with Oly 12-100 and 300mm, and the soon to be released Oly 100-400.

So there’s no external switch on those lenses to activate or deactivate OIS?

My Panasonic zooms have external switches… 14-140mm, 100-300mm, 100-400mm. Can’t remember if the 45-150mm has one.

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