What is the advantage of Sensor Pixel Area

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Re: What is the advantage of Sensor Pixel Area

That's not really an accurate way to compare things though.  ISO doesn't boost sensor output, sensor output is always the same regardless of ISO (given a specific exposure).  ISO only boosts the base signal from the sensor, which very much does introduce and amplify its own read noise, on top of amplifying any potential base noise from the sensor itself.

Sensors do have other things to account for. So you can't just say that light per area being equal is directly comparable at 1:1 because there are other factors.

Think of it this way, does a 4 cylinder engine use half the gas of an 8 cylinder engine?

Needless to say, that FF sensor does perform better on noise because of the size of the sensors pixel area. While exposure is based on intensity of light, the more samples of a given intensity of light you have, the better or more accurate the output.

Just like the more bounces of light you have in 3D rendering, the more photo realistic the image.  It doesn't make a 3D rendering brighter, it just makes the 3D rendering more photo realistic because of more samples.  When we look at stars with telescopes, we always get the same intensity of light, but we build big telescopes to get more samples of that light. While advances can make telescopes smaller, large telescopes still hold the advantage.

And while pretty moot at this point and outside of the topic at hand, there really is no way to have equally perfect equivalence between lenses on different sensor sizes. They will always be using a different area size of the glass to make an image, on top of using different glass, with potentially different numbers of elements or even at different flange distances, which can even affect the divergences in light spectrums that cause CA, for better or for worse.

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