What phone for macro?

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Re: What phone for macro?

Can't really help with that - I'm not geeky enough to research models unless I need a new phone. I think the pro has the same macro functions, the main difference is at the 'long end' with 5x instead of 3x optical.

The Huawei website is pretty good and you can download manuals, and DXOmark do thorough reviews, not sure if they cover Macro though.

I leave mine on "AI" 95% of the time, although I am well versed in manual photography (think Kodachrome 25 on an SLR using a hand held  Weston Master exposure meter in the late 60's) and the P series has 'pro' controls,  the computational photography delivers all I need.  The only time I change is if its a person in a landscape and I want the background sharp - AI puts it into portrait mode and does its mock shallow dof thing.  In AI mode it does tell you what its thinking - portrait, greenery, blue sky, macro etc so you have a one touch option to turn it off.

The P30 and P30 pro both have full google playstore access and regular updates, the P40 doesn't and I've a feeling the Mate 30 Pro doesn't but you should check. For me, it important to be able to use Android Auto for satnav in the car.

The interface (EMUI) gets some criticism, I use 'launcher' which makes it close to my old windows phone - I live in an MS world apart from my phone so use onedrive, calendar and contacts from there rather than the google equivalents. When I have tried out EMUI I haven't really had a problem, its a personal taste thing.

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