Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

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Re: Calling X-Pro3 users - should I get one after all?

TheSloth wrote:

hendriximages wrote:

But I'm very curious how y'all fare with the "hidden" LCD: has it really "purified" your photography (as Fuji maintains), or is it a hassle when you do want to quickly review your images when using the camera on eye-level (no issue when using the camera to take waist-level photos). For me reviewing the image in the EVF is not an option as then the image review is on all the time & disrupts my workflow (i.e. I can't use it selectively). And finally, do you miss the flexibility of the 4 additional touch gesture function allocations when the screen is closed?

Even if one ignores the subjective nature and experience of the hidden LCD, the fact remains: manipulating the software/ UI and changing settings is a damned nuisance due to the lack of extra, customizable buttons and a UI that depends so much on the screen being visible/ accessible.

Other than that, I can say that after around 12,000 photographs with the X-Pro3, I'm slowly getting the hang of it. The thing is to ignore all settings that require the use of the screen, and use only the physical buttons. I end-up constantly reviewing images in the EVF.

The way the flip mechanism is implemented is not good at all, doesn't feel robust.

My photographs have definitely improved.

This is a fascinating response. I’ve heard few photographers criticize the XP3 AND extol it’s ability to make one a better photographer. Nicely said.

I have to agree that the UI isn’t perfect, but for me, coming from FF Sony, the menus are an improvement. I find the handling of the XP3 outstanding, and like the OP, I use the EVF more often, especially because the Eye AF doesn’t work with the OVF. When I do use the OVF, I don’t find myself limited by it at all.

A question to the OP: if you have the 50R, what is drawing you more towards the XP3?

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