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RichardLarssen wrote:

MarcoE wrote:

RichardLarssen wrote:

MarcoE wrote:

I currently own the Nisi 100mm filter system (several ND filters + Polarizer & V5 pro holder).

The complete set is rather heavy and I wonder if I lose image quality if I switch to B+W sure on filters (67mm).

Anybody experience with both filter systems ?

Google Kase magnetic Filters. Great for what you need. As good as Nisi but they are magnetic and more durable, tempered glass. Neutral in colors.

I am a Ambassador for Kase Filters. Been using B+W filter also before.
Some videos here(not mine)

Regards Richard.

thank you Richard. The system itself looks promising and seems much easier to handle in terms of usage and weight indeed. As you are an ambassador for Kase i am not convinced yet that these filters are as good as the Nisi quality. But the only way to find out is to try i guess..

So you dont trust me because I am an ambassaor, I get that, I mostly dont trust them myself.
But I can tell you that i used Kase filters wolverine filters for one year before I aked them myself to become an ambassador because I like the filters.
I am not paid at all by Kase, I even buy my own filters, though with some rebate.
I dont do reviviews myself. I mosly just use my photos on social media to advertise for Kase.
If you google reviews, you can see for yourself that they are as good as Nisi, and even better due to the more durable glass which should survive a drop from 1 meter. The magnetic holder is very nice. I run along the seashores and need a practical system which is quick to change. The magnetic system was not even made when i became an ambassador.
But whatever you go with, Nisi, Kase, Breakthrough, you will end up with a good filter system.

Regards Richard

i didn’t mean it that way. I am thankful for your advice and the Kase system is looking promising. I certainly will do a comparison and decide after it if i sell my Nisi system.

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