New challenge host needs help !

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Re: New challenge host needs help !

JahnG wrote:

Dweeble wrote:

Well, no one has threatened me with litigation yet, so that's all good

I guess the answer is to design challenges which don't need rules. And to walk away as you have if it gets stressy and grumpy!

Welcome as a host! New hosts and fresh thoughts in the challenges are always needed!

As has many time been said in different DPR threads, you need to have a (somewhat) "thick hide".

In addition, one can take the attitude that the attacker has no way of knowing who they are talking to in real life.

I have often posted in the forums to people foolishly attempting to attack David1961 that it is of no interest or consequence to me at all in real life what anonymous people anywhere on the www think of David1961. After all, how can it be ?

Don't hesitate to set some rules you find appropriate. If you like the idea about using "date rules" to activate people, use it, regardless of the campaign against that rule. When hosting you need, as earlier has been said, to "stand your ground". If you DQ some pictures some people will certainly complain. This regardless of if the DQ was right or "wrong" according to your rules. As a host you set the rules and you don't really need to defend your DQ, just carry on. Don't take all feedback personally, (people sometimes comment in a quite foolish way)

During the latter years "newer members" seems to easier and easier get "hurt" about seemingly correct remarks or criticism. (Somewhat like in the society generally where everybody seems to personally get hurt about everything or get hurt on behalf of somebody else). As a host you shouldn't feel hurt about everything, because then you will hardly enjoy your hosting.

good luck


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