maybe the best thing about Canon R5/R6

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Re: maybe the best thing about Canon R5/R6

juanmaasecas wrote:

shootrawww wrote:

is the comeback of the older Canon color science I've come to love (5d ii, 5d iii, 6d, ...)

(besides all the other cool new features of course)

Taken from a video I found on youtube previewing the R cameras.

In that picture, the eos R is from Lightroom with the Adobe color profile, and the R6 picture is the DPP rendering. So not fair at all.

The Irene example has been discussed and I still think the color difference is big.

LR/ACR does indeed have Camera Standard profile for the R and it is actually very close to DPP. So it shouldn't be an issue here (assuming she used Camera Standard). WB could warm it up of course but the colors wouldn't automatically twist to the R6 hues, that I can see with my naked eye. The R6 has a warmer base with more magenta. You can continue editing the R file to look the same, but it would take more time.

In fact, I think this is a very good example. The R image here shows everything I didn't like with the rendition. And I don't think the lighting is that different. Both are shot in the exact same place and around the same time I would say. In the summer as well. And they are not in direct sunlight. The R shows its ugly face with default washed out skin and a general cold/green bias.

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