maybe the best thing about Canon R5/R6

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I get the same feeling

shootrawww wrote:

is the comeback of the older Canon color science I've come to love (5d ii, 5d iii, 6d, ...)

Irenes example and the WB questions aside, I still get the same feeling after viewing all sample images available so far. Colors seem slightly richer and not as cold and "cyanish" as the R/5D4 sensor.

There's a slight warm/red bias again which I loved so much from the 5D2 and 6D (and all earlier models). The 5D3 was good, but a step down from 5D2 if you ask me. After that, Canon colors went south. Washed out and dull, even in DPP. The 6D2/RP is an exception though. Just like Dexter, I actually got the RP instead of the R because of the CFA.

I really hope they continue on this new color path because Fujifilm, Olympus and Panasonic have all been more "eye pleasing" than Canon lately. Again, if you ask me. It's a personal thing I guess.

Anyway...I am optimistic based on what I've seen so far...

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