Leibovitz attacked for not photographing someone right

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Re: Leibovitz attacked for not photographing someone right

leibovitz is almost always off the beaten track of what most would expect. im not in love with the look she got on biles but they do make you look a bit (study) and try to wonder what she was thinking of with this portrayal. also rarely is she interested in making someone look great from a physical POV...meaning she wants to make them less than perfect many times as to bring them on a different POV from how stars are usually portrayed. so im not surprised by her result. its provocative at the least and i think thats the name of the game on the cover of a big magazine rather than just putting a completely dazzling shot out there which biles would have tons of from her more routine photo shoots and performance. again not surprised and it is getting a rise out of a lot of people so mission accomplished i think.


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