Best Drone for Photography Mainly

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Re: Best Drone for Photography Mainly

Unsure what video you’re referring too - the half chrome guy? I saw that weeks ago. Not surprising that 4x larger sensor is better.

For video, don’t forget the M2P isn’t really 4k, it pixel bins or line skips, seems it’s 2.7k roughly.

For stills, maybe on a very bright day, the air 2 could have more detail in still images than the 1” but they’d be 4x noisier...just isn’t likely to be better overall than the mavic 2 pro for stills.

I thought we were discussing 12mp versus 48. Half chrome video shows 48 has a tad more detail than 12mp.  I think the “extra” pixels are primarily for hdr video.  Even DJI basically admits 48mp images aren’t much of a feature (recommends only in bright light).

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