What phone for macro?

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Re: What phone for macro?

Not sure you can get true macro from a phone (the old 'bigger than 1:1 definition') but its years since I took a proper big camera out and about. Until recently I've been using a Sony RX100 M2 compact which is not brilliant close focus but has such a good sensor you can crop a great deal. But then I got a Huawei P30 - not the pro - much less expensive and a bit easier to handle as a phone. It's astonishing. Leave AI switched on, get close and it switches to 'super macro' - uses the wide angle lens and it is really good - for a phone. Certainly enough detail to take home to identify. As with any close focus you have to be a bit careful about what you are focusing on, a tap on the screen sorts it, and ideally you would use a tripod and have no wind at all. But, the samples below were all taken hand held with no special thought, out walking with other people and no time to waste. With care I'm sure they could be a lot better.

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