New challenge host needs help !

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Re: New challenge host needs help !

Dweeble wrote:

Have just started a series, first one all uncontroversial....second one have just had four complaints because the pics weren't taken this year as required in the rules.

My own view is so, who cares, this is supposed to be fun......but how would people normally approach this?

Thanks for hosting, and it was nice seeing you trying to drum up entrants in the Nikon Pro DX forum.  I'm curious, though, as to why you made it a challenge rule that pictures had to be taken this year if you didn't care when the pictures were taken.

Enforcing rules help to make the competition fair.  Those following the rule of only entering pictures taken in 2020 might have pictures that are more spectacular but were taken one or more years ago.  However, they obediently choose only from among their 2020 pictures.  Someone ignoring the rule and submitting a great picture from 2019 or older is not playing under the same restrictions.  That's an unfair advantage and one reason why hosts disqualify entries that don't follow the rules.

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